Should I Be Doing This? MFRWAuthor 2018 Week 18

This week’s writing prompt is, How I work up Character/Setting Profiles. Honestly, I’m not sure what this question is asking. I’ve never done this. I mean, I do put a lot of thought into characters, but they really get fleshed out as I’m writing. I don’t do in-depth character or profile settings. If anyone knows what that Read More

Time For A Gothic Revival MFRWAuthor 2018 Week 17

This week’s writing prompt is, Favorite Romance Genre to Read or Write. I hope the answer to this prompt is fairly obvious from my tagline (Darkly Beautiful Romance) and from my book covers. I love Gothic romances! I discovered Gothic romance when I was in graduate school. I’m talking Anne Radcliffe, Matthew Lewis, even Jane Austen’s Read More

Family of Love, Not Blood #MFRWAuthor 2018 Week 10

This week’s writing prompt is, Things only my family would understand. “Blood is thicker than water,” as the old saying claims. While I would agree that family bonds can be powerful, my immediate family would vehemently disagree that a family is based on blood ties. I’m not related to my husband – my partner and Read More