Let's Hope This Never Happens #MFRWAuthor 2018 Week 9

This week’s writing prompt is, What I would invent if I were stuck on an island.

Oh no! Please don’t ask me this. I’m not technically inclined at all and I cannot create anything with my hands that doesn’t involve typing.  My goal would be to get off the island, but I doubt I’d be able to build anything myself.

I have often said that if I ended up on a desert island I would probably die because I hate coconut. I would probably need to invent a way to get my fruits and veggies without eating coconut. I’d have to live on bananas, but too many bananas can cause constipation, which would be miserable.

Let’s just hope I never get stuck on an island.

What about you? What would you invent if you were stuck on an island? Let me know in the comments.