Nailed It! MFRWAuthor 2018 Week 28

This week’s writing prompt is, Creative outlets I enjoy.

Other than writing, I have almost zero creative ability. I am not good at doing anything artistic, taking photos, or even doing my own makeup. I enjoy art very much, and my home is filled with artworks and objet d’art from all over the world, but I can’t art or craft for myself. If I try to craft something, it comes out like a “Nailed It” post, I swear. I’m not even good at coloring really, though I do enjoy it. In fact, I haven’t really gotten into the whole adult coloring book trend because I know I would enjoy it and spend time on it when I need to be writing instead. I don’t do a lot of things for myself because I need to spend time writing instead.

What about you? What are some creative outlets you enjoy? Let me know in the comments.

This post is part of the 2018 MFRW Weekly Blog Post Challenge. You can read all my posts in the challenge for 2018 here.