Interview With Kathleen O’Donnell, Author of The Invisible Heiress

The Invisible Heiress
by Kathleen O’Donnell
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Dark, disturbing, deliciously inappropriate.”
Leslie Wolfe, best-selling author of
The Watson Girl.
From two-time Book of the Year finalist Kathleen O’Donnell comes a
gripping psychological thriller filled with unexpected twists.
A psychiatric patient with a dark secret
Preston Blair, a blogger with a dark sense of humor, is committed to a
private psychiatric hospital, accused of a shocking crime. Her father
Todd’s influence as a D.A. has kept her from prison, but her sanity
remains on a knife-edge.
A therapist with an agenda
Preston’s therapist, Isabel, is too preoccupied working her latest con on a
rich, married, sadomasochistic secret lover, to care about Preston’s
problems, even when Preston tells her that her socialite mother,
Harrison Blair, had committed an unthinkable crime herself years
before—one that might help explain Preston’s own misdeeds.
A shocking secret that begs to be told
When Preston’s absent husband, Brendan, suddenly turns up and tries to
prove her innocence, tragedy strikes. Preston’s convinced her
parents were involved, but it turns out to be much more complicated.
As Preston delves deeper into the mystery, her head clears and a
devastating event that she had long erased from her muddled mind
comes rushing back.
A killer that cannot be stopped
Stumbling onto video evidence, which exposes a killer’s greed and lust for
power, Preston finds her own life is in danger from a surprising and
once trusted source. She discovers that the truth hurts. It just
might be the death of her.
Fans of Gillian Flynn and Jessica Knoll will love Kathleen O’Donnell.


Did you learn anything during the writing of The Invisible Heiress?

            Where do I start? Oh, yes. I learned the more I write the harder it is, the more I care about the finished product. I’ve been lucky to work with exceptional teachers, writers and editors. So I can’t fool myself anymore. I know what’s good and what sucks. I learned every sentence matters. I learned a lot about what I believe, what my definition of family is, and the strength of the mother/child bond. I believe it was Joan Didion who said she writes to find out what she thinks. That was definitely true for me with this novel. Everything I believe is there, on the page.

What is your favorite part of this book and why?

            Two favorites. First, I’d have to say the humor. It’s definitely irreverent and even inappropriate but it makes the story more unique. Some of the events are tragic yet the humor makes them more bearable, more relatable. The second is the rage. It was a lot of fun to write a character who is so enraged. Preston has no filter. She says what she wants, when she wants, to whomever she wants. She spares no one her wrath. It was freeing to give Preston life, an angry, spoiled, often hilarious one. It was also fun to write someone as manipulative and focused as Isabel. She does whatever it takes to get her way. No extreme is too extreme. I loved her even though she’s villainous.

Kathleen O’Donnell is a wife, mom, grandmother and a recovering blogger.
She currently lives in Nevada with her husband. She is a two time
Book of the Year finalist for her debut novel The Last Day for Rob
Rhino. You can find short stories and blog posts on her website.
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