Writing Great Villains by Kat Ross

Today’s guest post comes from Kat Ross, the author of The Midnight Sea! The Midnight Sea Kat Ross (Fourth Element #1) Publication date: May 10th 2016 Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult They are the light against the darkness. The steel against the necromancy of the Druj. And they use demons to hunt demons…. Nazafareen lives for Read More

Guest Post by Kwen D. Griffeth, Author of Kellynch

Today’s guest post is by Kwen D. Griffeth, Author of Kellynch, a Jane Austen Fan-Fic.  The Writing Process The first step is an idea.  That idea can come from almost any place, but it has to resonate in my mind.  As an example, one night during a full moon, I was driving across the state of Read More

Should you mention a self-published book in a query?

I read an article recently where literary agent Janet Reid basically said that self-published books are not writing credit so they shouldn’t be mentioned in a query when looking for a publisher for another book. I am not a literary agent, so you don’t have to listen to me, but I strongly disagree with her Read More

Book Review: No Comfort for the Lost by Nancy Herriman

On Monday, Nancy Herriman, the author of No Comfort for the Lost, did an author interview with me. I am very grateful that she stopped by! Be sure to check out what she had to say.  I recently checked out the first book in Nancy Herriman’s new mystery series set in old San Francisco, No Comfort for the Read More

Interview With Nancy Herriman, Author of “No Comfort For The Lost”

I recently read the first installment of Nancy Herriman’s new San Francisco Mystery series, No Comfort for the Lost. I was very excited when she agreed to do an author interview with me about it. I will share my review of No Comfort for the Lost on Thursday.  Nancy Herriman retired from an engineering career Read More

Book Review – A Wilder Rose by Susan Wittig Albert

This weekend, I devoured A Wilder Rose by Susan Wittig Albert. I think I started it on my Thursday morning commute and finished it by Sunday night. I loved it for many reasons and highly reccomend it. About the book: The Little House books, which chronicled the pioneer adventures of Laura Ingalls Wilder, are among Read More

Best time to write?

A friend of mine who is a university professor and is also writing her dissertation posted this funny gif yesterday with the caption, “When you try to write after getting home from teaching:”   I must say this sentiment probably applies to anyone who has both a job and the drive to be a writer. Read More

Making Stories Your Own

I just found this really fascinating article about the history of Cinderella. For most of us, probably our first introduction to Cinderella was Disney’s 1950 version. As we got older, we probably heard rumors of the darker Grimm version in which the sisters mutilate their own feet to fit in the slippers. But you might Read More

Ridiculously Gendered Words

As a newspaper copy editor, I am in a unique position to help my newspaper be more progressive in various areas, including in eliminating sexist language. Too often in the English language, certain words default to the masculine. In the past, in English classes, many of us were taught that masculine forms were neutral, but Read More

Question of the Day – What are you currently working on?

What are you currently working on? Regular readers of this blog will see that I am constantly posting excerpts from some erotic short stories I have been working on. My goal is to compile all of my erotic shorts together into a single collection. When reading or just browsing erotic and romance stories on various Read More