The Vampire’s Daughter is Finally Here!

The Vampire’s Daughter by Leigh Anderson Published by Rogue Phoenix Press Cover by Cherith Vaughan About the Book When Ethan discovers that the love of his life, Victoria, is actually the child of a monstrous beast and must marry another man to save her family, he retreats to a monastery to live out the rest Read More

Guest Post by Kelee Morris – How to Write a Great Sex Scene

Today I’m happy to be hosting Kelee Morris, the author of Goddess. She is going to tell you the secrets to writing great sex scenes! How to Write a Great Sex Scene Sex is boring. Okay, maybe not when you’re one of the participants, but in simplest terms, sex is about one person doing something Read More

Question of the Day – What are you currently working on?

What are you currently working on? Regular readers of this blog will see that I am constantly posting excerpts from some erotic short stories I have been working on. My goal is to compile all of my erotic shorts together into a single collection. When reading or just browsing erotic and romance stories on various Read More

Excerpt From “My Night with the Price”

“Come into my household,” he said, stepping in front of me causing me to stop and look up at him. “Some of my wives are skilled at embroidery, but with a fraction of your skill. I would be very pleased to have you under my roof. I would praise you and your skill publicly every Read More

Excerpt from “The Eunuch’s Wife”

“A man loved by the Emperor? A hero? A man with money and land? I could not ask for more in a husband.” Her father stifled a bit of a…cough? Chuckle? Grunt? But still, he said nothing. “He sounds like a very worthy man, Mother,” Hualing continued. “So who is he? Why do you not Read More

Question of the Day – How did you get into romance writing?

How did you get into romance writing? I just kind of fell into. It wasn’t my plan. But I ended up being really good at it. I had this scene in my head of a group of vampire’s attacking a town. This scene just consumed me. I couldn’t think about anything else, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t Read More