The dark was thick, like a heavy wool blanket that squeezed her tighter and tighter. But she could not go back. She had to keep going. Where? She was not sure. She knew he hid deep in the woods, so into the woods she would go.

The clouds finally rolled away and ensconced the woods in a sliver of light, just enough for her to finally discern an end to the path she had been following. A large castle lay in ruins not far ahead. As she approached, she could see it more clearly. The upper levels of the castle had crumbled many years ago, but the lower levels were still intact, along with a large wooden door.

The clouds rolled along, once again cloaking her in darkness. She heard a loud creaking noise as the door to the castle opened. A man emerged holding a candelabra. His dark eyes looked black and cavernous with only the candlelight to illuminate him. He held out a hand toward her.

“Welcome,” he said. “Come inside.”

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