Rise of Memphis: 3 book bundle by Kitty Kendall

Rise of Memphis Touch Me: 3 book bundle
by Kitty Kendall

About the book

Meet Jane Nichols – smart, savvy and single.
Her management job in a beach side hotel leaves her no time for love, let alone romance. So one crazy New Year’s Eve she takes matters into her own hands by slipping on a sexy disguise and naming herself Memphis. Life suddenly becomes interesting.
Not everything goes to plan though, and her secret adventures in her sexy costume prove to be as hilarious as they are hot. Living out her fantasy has her heart pounding as much as her new sexual journey and she quickly learns that a man who appears to be Mr. Average can prove to be Mr. Holy Hotness on a Stick.
But how long can she hide behind her naughty little secret?
Follow her quest to find love in this steamy, laugh out loud series.

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Amazon: http://amzn.to/2obiVtc


As I made my way to my room, my mind was like the giant pirate ship that swung back and forward at the showground, smashing through one emotion after another.
Somehow I made it, and before my brain shattered like a smashed mirror, I dialed my best friend, Lolita.
“Hey babe, what’s up?”
I blurted it out, everything from the intense unspoken sexual tension to the mind-blowing orgasm with the fireman.
“Jesus Christ, Jane!”
I knew it. I’d crossed that imaginary boundary that put me in the fucking stupid category. A tidal wave of heat rose up, and I started to hyperventilate. Tears stung my eyes, and I feared I was about to vomit.
“I’m so jealous.”
My brain snapped back to reality. “What?”
“That’s another thing you’ve done that I haven’t.”
“What?” I said.
“What, what?”
I scrunched up my face as I tried to understand what she was saying.
“Oh god,” she huffed. “Don’t tell me you’re second guessing what happened?”
“Ummm . . .”
“Jesus. So let me guess what’s going through your brain. You had a mind-blowing orgasm with a fireman in a fucking elevator, for God’s sake, and you think that’s bad.”
“Are you kidding me? You just did the top three things most women only dream of, all in one go. A fireman. Holy shit. In the elevator. Mind-blowing orgasm in twenty seconds flat. And he tore your knickers off. Jesus, I’m going to come in my pants just thinking of it.”
“Lolly,” I said half laughing, half shocked by her honesty.
“Shit, Jane, I’ve gotta go find Cal and fuck his brains out. Bye.”
The phone clicked and I stared at the screen, hardly able to believe my best friend had just hung up on me.

About the Author

Kitty Kendall is a bucket list achieving, junk jewelry collecting, hopeless romantic who loves great wine and a good adrenaline rush from time to time. She also collects classy shoes and expensive perfume. However, her greatest thrill in life is writing romance and the steamier the better. Bring It On!

Kitty writes under two pen names and has won numerous awards. Several of her books are Amazon bestsellers.

The Rise of Memphis series is written in Kitty’s signature style of fun and sassy meets smokin’ hot romance. These books are perfect for a quickie on your lunch break or for easy holiday reads.