You Can’t Stop Me #MFRWauthor

Welcome to week 10 of the Marketing for Romance Authors 52-week challenge.  Each week, a lovely group of romance authors blog on a common theme.  Click here to learn more and join us. You can read all of my Challenge Posts for 2017 here.

This week’s topic is: My Greatest Strength

I would have to say my greatest strength it that I never give up. Nothing will get in the way of my goals and I will do whatever it takes to accomplish them. It isn’t always easy – sometimes it seems like I take the long way to get where I want to go – but I always get there. It was how I became a mom. I wanted to adopt from China for as long as I can remember, since at least my early 20s. Everything I have done – going to college, moving abroad, even marrying my husband – was done with that goal in mind, which we finally did in December.

It is also how I am where I am in my writing career. I was able to publish three books last year and am on track to publish six this year. I will do it! And nothing will stop me!

Believe me, the universe has tried to derail me many times, but I always succeed.

So what is your greatest strength? Let me know in the comments!