To Audible With Love, Guest Post by Mary Castillo

To Audible With Love

The free offers always get me. They sneak up at the strangest times and places such as right before the season opener of the latest Downton Abbey, and because they know their marketing, those free offers find you everywhere.

For me, it was the Audible commercials of the woman ironing her clothes and listening to the latest romance; or the guy caught up in a Raymond Chandler-esque noir mystery. So I gave Audible a try and two years later, I may never live long enough to listen to all of the titles on my Wish List.

When I began my Audible addiction, never did I think I would produce one myself until I started hearing from my fellow authors talk about the audiobooks they were selling. I distinctly remember Beth Yarnall, award-winning author of super sexy romantic suspense, say to me, “If you’re not producing audiobooks, it’s like leaving money on the table.”

She got my attention. I had a backlist of five romantic comedies and two paranormal mysteries. My e-books sold well and the paperback sales were eh. But the cost of producing an audiobook is significant. I put audiobooks on the “someday” list. But after I did a book-signing and reading, one of the authors came up to me and said she’d never read her book with me again because I did such a great job. She said it lovingly, and we’ve now done two more together since, but she planted the seed that perhaps I could narrate my own audiobook.

But I didn’t have a few thousand dollars conveniently laying around to hire a narrator and producer. But I had an idea to produce a weekly podcast on which I’d narrate and post a chapter of Lost in the Light. Without thinking twice – every time I do that I talk myself out of doing things that are really stupid or really smart – I ordered a mic and power box and downloaded Audacity software. For three months, I narrated those first five chapters at least eight times to learn how to edit and master audio files.

Call me crazy but I loved it.

I loved bringing my characters to life in a new form. I loved the challenge of mastering files and it felt like I was sitting at a campfire telling my friends this creepy, suspenseful story. At the time, I was in a third round edit of Lost in the Light’s sequel, Lost in Whispers, and remembered things the characters said and did that would tighten the series. In short, I invested in myself and the divided was more than what I bargained for.

Once I began posting chapters, the e-books and print book sales went from eh to oh! One would think listeners would tune in for a free weekly podcast. But apparently, they didn’t want to wait to find out what was going to happen next. Thirty-three weeks later, I had a complete audiobook, a new audience of readers and listeners, and offers to narrate audiobooks from other authors.

The other day, I plugged my mobile phone into my car’s sound system and listened to the Audible version of Lost in the Light. I then got a little wild and Whisper Synced it to the Kindle book. The satisfaction and excitement thrilled up and down my spine at what I had accomplished.  Producing the audiobook of Lost in the Light was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It not only opened the door to a new career path, it also pushed me way beyond my safety zone to discover a new way of expressing myself as a storyteller.

About the Book

One October morning in 1932, Vicente Sorolla entered the white house on the hill and was never seen again.

Now, Detective Dori Orihuela witnesses his brutal murder in her nightmares.

Drawn to this tough but tender woman, Vicente materializes out of the butler’s pantry and asks her to find his lost love, Anna. Dori wonders if she’s not only about to lose her badge, but also her sanity.

Dori has always been drawn to the mysterious Queen Anne Edwardian house in her hometown. But after a devastating injury that puts her career on the line, Dori isn’t sure if she made the right decision purchasing this rundown old mansion.

Her wisecracking Grammy Cena has waited too long for her independent granddaughter to return home. She hires a a kooky psychic to banish the ghost and a handsome contractor with whom Dori has an unhappy past.

With a promise to Vicente, Dori may solve a forgotten Prohibition era murder. Or she may exhume secrets someone died to protect.

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