What’s a Hobby? #MFRWauthor

Welcome to week 6 of the Marketing for Romance Authors 52-week challenge.  Each week, a lovely group of romance authors blog on a common theme.  Click here to learn more and join us. You can read all of my Challenge Posts for 2017 here.

This week’s topic is: My Hobbies

As an author, I’m afraid my hobbies are rather cliche. I love reading and writing, and my goal right now is to write more – make it more of a hobby. The only other thing I do is watch TV – both because my brain needs to chill out sometimes and because TV can be great for research, inspiration, and for keeping up with trends. I believe TV has a lot more benefits than people want to give it credit for.

As a working woman with a family, it’s nearly impossible for me to find time for things that don’t relate to either my work or my family. There are other things I would love to do. I want to improve my Chinese and play the erhu, but I don’t have time for either one right now.

What about you? What are your hobbies? How do you find the time? Let me know in the comments?