Stop Giving CreateSpace All Your Money!

createspaceIf you are self-published or if you are a small publisher, you are probably familiar with CreateSpace. When it was created, CreateSpace seemed like an amazing way for writers to finally get their books in the hands of readers for very little money. The truth is that CreateSpace is the most expensive way for authors to publish their books, and you will never be able to support yourself as a writer using it. 

What is CreateSpace?

Back in the old days of self-publishing, authors would have to order hundreds or even thousands of their own books in order to get even one book into the hands of readers. Having a single books printed or even a small number of them was financially impossible. For every order, the print shop would have to set up their machines for one book, which could cost a hundred dollars. In order to get the price per book into an acceptable range, the author would have to buy hundreds of books. The same is still true today. What sets big publishers apart from small ones is the ability to buy lots of books. This way they can lower the price per book, making them competitive, and earn more money per book. But many authors cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars to print books they may or may not sell. Not to mention the fact that the author then has to store those books somewhere and has to then ship them to readers.

Enter CreateSpace.

CreateSpace is a way for readers to buy one book at a time at no “cost” to the author (I’ll come back to that falsehood later). The reader orders the book, CreateSpace prints one book, and ships it to the reader. The author doesn’t have to do anything except watch the money come in.



The author is indeed paying for those books, just not out of pocket. For example, if a 300-page novel is priced at $7.99 and is printed and shipped via CreateSpace, the author will earn…$0.08 cents. Yup. 8 cents. The author would have to sell 100 books just to be able to buy another author’s book for $7.99. When was the last time you sold 100 physical books?

This is why hardly any books sold through CreateSpace sell for $7.99. Most authors who sell through CreateSpace price their books for $12.99 or more. At $12.99, the author will earn more like $3.00 per book, but that isn’t a competitive price. Who buys paperback romances for $13? Not many people. Especially when these same authors often sell the Kindle version for $0.99. So not only are authors not making any money, they aren’t selling books because they can’t compete with the market.

This isn’t just a problem self-publishers have. Many small, independent publishers also use CreateSpace because they simply can’t invest thousands of dollars in physical books. I recently had a publisher tell me, “We started this publishing company to help authors achieve their dreams.” What dreams are being reached for $0.08 per book? Authors will never be able to reach their writing dreams selling their work for 8 cents.

There is a better way.

If you want to make money and support yourself as an author, there are a lot of barriers. Buying books, selling books, shipping books, storing books, the list goes on. But it is possible! You can make money selling physical copies of your books.

Logo EmbroideredI recently started cooperating with Red Empress Publishing. Red Empress Publishing is a full-service publisher, but if you want to self-publish your own books, they have a Book Distribution Program.

With Red Empress Publishing’s partner printer, you can get a 300-page novel for as little as $2.50 each. Email for an exact quote for your book. But at such a low cost, you can price your books more competitively, yet earn a hell of a lot more than 8 cents!

But then you would have to ship those books to your house and store them. The shipping alone would ruin that cheap cost, right? Nope! Red Empress Publishing will have the books shipped to their office and store the books for you.

Red Empress Publishing will also list your books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more sites (something you can’t do on CreateSpace) and handle all the shipping to your customers for you!

Basically, Red Empress Publishing takes the place of CreateSpace. They handle the storage and shipping of all your books, while earning you a lot more money, so you can get to the much more important job of WRITING!

Here is how much you can make:

If you sold 500 books on CreateSpace and earned 8 cents per book, you would earn $40. That’s terrible. That makes writing not worth the effort. Not to mention the time you spent writing, marketing, and shipping your book. Is your life-long dream of being a writer worth $40?

But if you use Red Empress Publishing’s Book Distribution Program:

success-2$2.50 per book + .99 Red Empress Fee + 2.50 shipping = each book would cost you $5.99.

If you sell your book for $7.99 + 3.50 shipping fee (Amazon’s standard shipping fee) = you would earn $11.49 per book.

That means you would net $11.49 – 5.99 = $5.50 per book.

If you sold 500 books, you would earn $2,750! Now, you are on your way to supporting your writing dream.

Of course, this approach does require an investment. You do have to buy some books for Red Empress to stock. But the payoff is far more attainable than you might think. And if you won’t invest in yourself, why would anyone else?

Learn more at their website – Red Empress Publishing – and email them at to learn more.