Interview with Skyler Patterson, Author of “The Last Kraken”

About the Book

Title: The Last Kraken
Author: Skyler Patterson
Genre: Fantasy

This is a fantasy fiction tale. Get ready to UNLEASH THE KRAKEN! Its the 1800’s in London England. .A leviathan hunter Slaymore Seaborne is retired. The man longs for one last sea adventure! The man has slain every type of sea creature but one. The KRAKEN! All say the creature is myth until the king’s merchant ships turn up destroyed. The crown hires Slaymore to end the monster. This book was written by SKYLER PATTERSON, Author of THE BOOK OF SWORDS series!


Q: Tell me about yourself.

A: I am a man who discovered in 2013 that he could write an ebook. I have been working in the health care field for many years. One day i decided to read a few books, and found out how many years i would have to wait for another book from that author. (George RR Martin!) I became upset about that, so i decided to write one of my own.  Did i know how to do it? NO. Have i had any college training? NO. The Last Kraken was that first book. I took my manuscript to my English Literature teacher sister, and she nearly fainted when she read it! YOU WROTE ..THIS?! “TAKE IT TO EVERY E-BOOK DISTRIBUTOR YOU CAN THINK OF!” said she. And so began my impossible journey..

Q: Tell me about your book

SKY Author PhotoA: The Last Kraken is the story of  an aging man who at one time was the most renown leviathan hunter in the world. His family talked him into retiring from his perilous adventures. However he was always obsessed with the idea of conquering that last elusive rare leviathan. The deadly Kraken. Captain Slaymore Seaborne longs for that one last sea adventure to complete his life. And he gets it. As an author i wrote this character as a parallel to my own life. When i told everyone i decided to become a writer they all laughed, until i wrote this e-book. Writing this book has been my adventure.

Q: This book is a historical fantasy. How much of it is history, How much of it is fantasy?

A:  Has a Kraken ever existed? Yes! There has been recorded sightings in Angola, Norway, and other countries, going back to the early 19th century. Has one been found recently? YES! In 2013 a Kraken was found. There was a documentary in 6/2013 on the History channel, where scientists manned a submarine and filmed the creature! That documentary and (The film) ‘Pirates Of Carribean”s Dead Man’s Chest” gave me the idea for this tale. When i began my research i found the newspaper article of the 1800’s Essex catastrophe. That was real! That whale had a soul! That whale saw people were trying to kill whales, and decided to do something about it! ‘The Heart Of the Sea” movie tells that story. And then i read “MOBY DICK” in 2013! My jaw dropped when i saw that, that story was so much like the one i was halfway through writing! Yet my story is much more over the top!

Q: How has writing changed your life?

A:Wow! A whole lot! I can’t think of anyone who would do what i did! It was crazy. I decided to try something that i had no experience in! I taught myself how to do everything involved with self-publishing. On my job in NEW YORK, i work with individuals with disabilities. Because i am responsible with writing thousands upon thousands of types of documentation involved with these individuals. That gave me a skill.  When i paired that skill together with writing my tales of fantasy fiction i knew i was on to something! I now have something that i can do that reaches millions of people! It is a great feeling when i hear from a fan who says “I loved “Revenge Of The Wolf”! I loved The Last Kraken’! Please write more of those”! I have found late in life my true calling!

Q: What are you working on next?

A:What’s next? Many many more ebooks! In the Last Kraken Series i have begun work on “THE BRAVE CRAB (Prequel) It hits,9/16 Revenge Of The Wolf 2 (love is Hell) will be out in March! 3/16 I have completed a trilogy (Y.A.) series! “The Warpath Of Love”! It’s a Western/Romance! (Wild West meets guns/arrows and sorcery!) The first book hits 5/16. I have an excerpt in Revenge Of the Wolf,#1 (Barnes and Nobles/Kobo/I-Tunes Draft2Digital. Out NOW!  And i have coming in 4/16 The Book Of Swords2 (A growl and a Slither) Book Of Swords #1 Out NOW on Amazon e-books!  And more!  NO ONE WILL EVER HAVE TO WAIT FOR YEARS FOR BOOKS FROM ME! Find me at:Goodreads/authorpage,Smashwords/authorpage Facebook/Author, Thank you glorious/fearless, book bloggers! I would be nowhere without you! CHEERS MATES! PEACE OUT”!  best regards SKYLER PATTERSON!





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