Book review of Eleanor’s Gift and Guest Post with Author Isis Sousa

Eleanors gift cover-smallTitle: Eleanor’s Gift
Author: Isis Sousa
Genre: Gothic/Dark Fantasy/Horror/Paranormal
Publisher: Tragic Books
Release Date: Oct 30 2015
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print
Illustrations: Characters and Ornaments Pencil Sketches


Eleanor’s Gift is a Gothic short story, adorned with black and white illustrations and an atmosphere of darkness.

During the last days of autumn, a wave of strange happenings creeps into Lord Welton’s life. It all starts when he brings the sole survivor of a mysterious accident into his household. Soon people close to Lord Welton begin to disappear and a tenebrous danger falls upon the one he loves the most.

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Guest Post

The Gothic traditions in arts have been around for centuries, and as an artistic style in architecture, sculpture and painting had its origins on the 12th Century. In painting, which is more my alley, it had a revival during the Romantic and Symbolist movements (18th, 19th Centuries) – some of my favorite artists and writers are from these periods. On the literary side, names as Horace Walpole, Charles Baudelaire, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker, the father of the modern vampire, left forever their marks in today’s classics of Romance and Poetry.

Arnold_Boecklin-fiedelnder_TodWhen we talk about Gothic Literature I believe some of the main ingredients of this art are a rather strange mix of beauty/awe, melancholy, the fantastic, the morbid and the grotesque, nature, romance and lust – which are equally present on the visual arts. On some classics such as Dracula, Frankenstein and The Picture of Dorian Gray, we also have a much of the stories alternating between the safety of the domestic environment versus the obscurity and dangers – or beauty of the city streets and country territories.

For Eleanor’s Gift I wanted to add some of these characteristics as well, as they have always fascinated my imagination. The story happens in the countryside, alternating from the woods to the confinement of an old house. There’s a strong fantastic element present as a lead character, and a counterpart, the skeptical Lord Welton, the other lead. There’s a good amount of morbid moments and a pinch of strange romance. There is a touch of the grotesque as well, which is at the same time attractive in a sensual way… Also the cover has a lot of influence in those classic movements.

I had a lot of fun writing the story. It is the kind of material I’d like to read, and I hope that those who enjoy Gothic and Dark Fantasy or short stories will connect with it, too.

Book Review

I really enjoyed this short story. I’m pretty much a sucker for anything containing Gothic tropes, and this story packs it all into one little punch. I’d really like to see this expanded into a longer work, but if that isn’t possible, I would happily read other works by Sousa. The little drawing scattered through the story are a nice touch as well.

About the Author

Writing sucks. Period.

isis sousaA-SMALLThat’s why I am an artist; illustrator and graphic designer who writes in a hobby basis. Oh, wait… That’s not the “why”… I was born artist, and there is nothing I can do to change it. But with all the imagination I have running lose, there came some stories… And there came some books!

When I’m not doing artwork and illustration for authors and bands, I’m doing woodcarving, painting ornaments, painting artworks for myself, collaborating with other artists and so on. Love Arts, History and Metal.

Oh, and summer is a bitch! Always. Anywhere in the world.

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